Meet the Staff

Headteacher     Mrs Alison Marshall

Deputy Headteacher    Miss Penny Spencer

Assistant Headteacher  Mrs Rebecca Gordine


Little Bears

Mrs Booth, Mrs Stopford, Mrs Whitehead, Miss Kelly, Mrs Wetter, Miss Stopford, Miss Webster, Mrs Chennery



Mrs Chatters with Miss Dowell and Mrs Piskor


Reception classes

RG  Mrs Gordine with Mrs Gray, Mrs Williamson and Mrs Jones

RF  Mrs Fallon with Mrs Barker

RE  Mrs Easdown with Mrs Murray and Mrs Fisher


Year 1 classes

1A  Miss Ahmed with Mrs Raymond and Mrs Rigg

1C  Miss Chapman with Miss Kelly

1PS  Mrs Pycroft and Mrs Scott with Mrs Paulls


Year 2 classes

2W  Miss Ward with Mrs Taylor

2SW  Miss Spencer and Mrs Webster with Mrs Hopkinson

2L  Miss Lea with Mrs Quinn


Lunchtime staff

Mrs Hamdam, Miss Aziza, Mrs Jones, Mrs Murray, Mrs Rigg, Mrs Paulls, Mrs Towell, Mrs Fitchett, Mrs Quinn, Mrs Taylor, Miss Webster


Office staff

Mrs Agnew and Mrs Kyne


Site Manager

Mr Dunn





Together Everyone Achieves More

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